Friday, April 10, 2009

Hanging in there...

Today, I'm just grateful (ok, this blog will probably eventually devolve to a bullet list of gratitude items like Scott & others, but not yet...) to get something cast out into the blog universe.

I have posted 25 articles, Mary has posted over 1,300 - I don't know if I will ever get there but, well, one article at a time?

The best that my life is now is that I acknowledge that I have been given the grace to get one foot in front of the other - to make a little progress on some part of the long and ever growing list of items that are the places I've discovered where I can be useful today.

What a gift!!!



Syd said...

That's four frogs on a log. Looks like one is making a decision to jump. Hang in there Ed.

Scott W said...

I appreciate your gifts as presented so far.

Alive And Smiling said...

Ed I'm grateful to have found your blog somehow. I've really enjoyed your posts and your thoughts. Thanks for being there for others and for sharing a bit of your life!