Monday, April 6, 2009

Prayer and medication...

One of the perennial jokes in meetings I've attended is the "slip" of the tongue I've heard more than once of "...through prayer and medication..."

I was at a meeting the other day on the 11th step and this inadvertently came up as part of the topic - that, in fact, I used to seek god (or at least numb out the reality of the moment) through medication. It worked pretty good for as long as it worked - in fact, it may have saved my life to not have to really face up to the pain I was constantly in.

However, it stopped working at one point and then I needed a different solution. Being among the brightest bulbs I know, I needed to drink for another 22 years to become willing to find the solution available in AA.

One of my favorite sentences in the Big Book tells me specifically why I have to adhere to this path and others can live their lives differently. It explains it completely:
"With us it is just like that." (p. 15)
Since I've gotten clear about this in my own life, I love to read through this section with sponsees. It seems pretty clear that, if this isn't a sufficient reason and explaination, they might not have learned enough about the nature and depth of the powerlessness they have over this disease...

Just some thoughts...



Syd said...

I have my Al-Anon sponsees read the first four chapters of the Big Book when we start Step One. And I have them read The Doctor's Opinion.

I had to laugh at "through prayer and medication".
Thanks, Ed.

Scott W said...

It is JUST like that!