Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Getting started...

I've had a great deal of trouble the past few months with committing to way too much and then actively looking for ways to invent and spend idle time (computer games, web surfing, movies, etc.) and avoid any of the stuff I commit to. I think I've been pretty sick around this stuff...

I forget that AA is a program about beginnings and grace.

So, yesterday, instead of waiting for the perfect, balanced, exercise program to unfold for me, I took a walk for several miles instead of driving around town.

And, I wrote a blog article...

This whole blogging thing has been an interesting metaphor for the rest of my life. After lurking for a few months, then committing to doing it, it is all that I can do to not burn it down (ok - it's just a matter of deleting it...) and running away. But, I see folks like Mary, Steve and Scott and realize that:
  1. it takes time to build a "practice" of blogging (time takes time?)
  2. it's not always easy
  3. it can be useful well as many other things available for the learning.

So, I am grateful that I've made some starts in some new areas. I hope God grants me the grace to continue what would be most useful.

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Scott W said...

It is a practice and one that has added immensely to my sobriety. I need structure in my life and it has allowed me that and so much more. I have met some wonderful people here and some in person.

Keep on trudging.