Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The future...

My wife found and forwarded this video to me yesterday - probably the 3rd or 4th time I've seen it since it was released last year but it reminds me (again) that the world I get comfortable with today is not the world my g'kids or even I will know in the near future.

I think back in the few times over my life, both before and after sobriety arrived, when I've thought I "had it all figured out" and realize that I don't know nuthin. I have a sponsee who makes me crazy when he gets some new insight and says "...what are you trying not to know now, Mark...". I figure it's just his way of devaluing or managing his response to a new insight.

...but, I've got to tell you, the recent changes in my life seem like we're onto something really BIG!!!

...and, really, really, really, really small...

The truth is, I guess, the insight I get is the insight I get. Due to our principles of humility and anonymity coupled with a true, honest surrender for today, regardless what my life looks like in the future, it will be perfect - as it has been today and even this weird past that got me here.

Aint that a hoot!

So, in the mean time, I will puzzle and worry over our economy, my inability (or unwillingness?) to make a living, my failing attempts at relationships and a program of recovery and realize the cosmic joke of it all.

Maybe I should learn Latin?



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