Thursday, June 25, 2009

None my business...

I had a longish chat with my sponsor yesterday. We do this sometimes for the simple facet of sympatico - like minded folks who just need some support.

On the docket yesterday was much about health and wealth. I have 2 sponsees in the hospital today and both my sponsor and I seem to have some health challenges "up" for us now. We hate it, but they're just "up".

Both my sponsor and I are also on the downward slide of our lives with careers where we once found great meaning, importance and financial reward - that seems to be behind us. I get that I may never again make the money that I once did and, frankly, I'm not happy about that one bit.

So, after much musing, he reflected his memory of his sponsor (now dead for a while) who, in the midst of some of his life's challenges, offered that " life today is just none of my business..."

I get it...

My job is to live my life. Be responsible (e.g. do those things things that I can do to preserve my health, show up for work, etc.). To love my life.

The results are, well, just the results and, if I'm really on this deal, they are all about God's will and well, maybe it's all really just perfect.

I believe that it is...

So, what I do, what you do, what the world does, what I think of all that, what you think of all that, what anyone thinks of all that is, in fact, none of my business.

I remember when old timers used to talk about "...what your opinion of me just doesn't make any difference..." - I used to think how cold and uncaring. But, in a sense, they were right.

Please understand, I want you to like me. I want lots of people to like me. But, in the over all scheme of things, your opinion of me is none of my business...

Finally, how this thing (life) all turns out is none of my business. I'm here to grow and to learn. That seems to be what I'm uniquely qualified for in God's creation. If I'm supposed to be rich, that will happen. If I'm supposed to be the stellar example of health, that will happen.

But, powers greater than me are in charge of that agenda.

So, in the perfection of all that is perfect, the world today (not when I reach Nirvana) is exactly as it should be.

And now, my job is to be happy with that...

...something else I can work on....


Mary Christine said...

Thanks for the reminder. I remember when I first heard "your opinion of me is none of my business" I thought that was the craziest thing I ever heard.

And today I needed to remember it. Thanks.

Syd said...

Great thoughts that I need to remember. What others do is none of my business. I can do that well. I'm still working on the idea that my life is none of my business.

Prayer Girl said...

I too love the sentiments in this post.

It is amazing how much is none of my business.

My business is to maintain my spiritual condition and God will work out the rest. Easy to say and sometimes not as easy to do.

Prayer Girl