Sunday, July 26, 2009

Another Monday after...

I was at an AA conference over the weekend.

Great speakers. Great fellowship. Great encouragement along the way. Great service opportunities. Great chances to be with newcomers. Great workshops. Great food. Great scenery. Great weather. Great chance to expand my mind about some thoughts I'd been having around the general service structure a person who's served on the board.

A veritable love-fest.

Miracles everywhere. Grace abounds. Hundreds of drunks being more than they could ever be apart from our wonderful program.

Too little sleep. Too much money spent. Too much traffic on the way home.

It was a great time and there will be some consequences. I wrote about Blue Mondays in an article earlier this month. I hate the dopey feeling I get after a great conference like this - I feel like I'm moving through thick muck for as much as a week after it.

And, I can't wait for the chance to do it all over again.

I'm weird that way... ;-)


Steve E. said...


Syd said...

I feel inspired and fired up when I come back from a conference. It lasts for a few days and then it's back to the mundane. I get a lot from listening to speaker tapes in the car on the drive to work. From both, I learn.

Scott W said...

But it's a good weird.