Sunday, October 18, 2009

Something different...

In the past 177 posts on this blog, I've tried to do some general sharing of my experience in life in respect to AA's principles.

Now, I've agreed to participate on a panel hosted by our Area PI committee on "What does the Internet have to do with AA?"

The "issues" on the table are typical regarding anonymity, group use of the internet, practices on social networking sites, etc.

I've been spending the past several weeks thinking about it but it finally dawned on me today that I don't have to do this thing alone.

The setup for this meeting is that this PI committee is very conservative about things internet. There's no small irony that I've raised many of the issues and perspectives that are now being used for support of non-participation in AA internet stuff.

I did an article on my own part of this process (figuring out anonymity and the internet) earlier.

So, what I'm will be doing this week is thinking (here) some about blogging, internet stuff and AA.

I would look forward to comments, private mail other information or other perspectives.

I'm clear that I'm not about changing anyone else' mind.

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Syd said...

It's good to have an informative intergroup page that keeps people up to date on meetings but provides other information as well. I like the idea of using the internet to provide information. It is so far reaching.