Sunday, October 25, 2009

About me...

The punch line of a number of setups runs something like: "...enough of me talking about me.  Please, let me shut up so you can talk about me..."

..or, something like that...

The "Internet and AA" workshop was yesterday.  I can't tell you how grateful I am for the preparation that I did for this workshop in this past week's blogs.  I got to hate writing about this stuff but it was because I needed to do my own work around this - I was not looking at some truth that I needed to get to for myself.

As far as the workshop, I was handed 2 topics: (1) the history of our Area's web site and (2) an explanation of my home group's web site.  I really wanted to talk more about other things I'd learned in the week about recovery social networks and the like - seemed much more important to PI and other topics around what one might do and not do as an AA member on the internet.  But, I was given instructions and that's the more important lesson for me in these gatherings.

Four of us were to briefly share on our appointed topics and then allow at least an hour and a half for questions from the audience.  Several times in my presentation, I related my experience and offered that I had some "...other recent experience in..." hoping to seed some questions where I could respond and talk about what I wanted to talk about.

We all covered our topics, we then spent about 45 minutes dealing with questions from an "ask-it basket" which was seeded with questions the organizers wanted responses to - most of which forced us to re-hash some of topics already covered.  As I answered these questions, I again hinted about what I saw as more important issues and concerns for AA on the internet today.

To make a long story slightly shorter, I left without talking about much the stuff I thought was important what I thought folks would really be much more interested in.

On the plus side, there were about 30 alleged drunks collected for over 3 hours on a gorgeous and not one of us seemed to be drinking.

Neither was I.

I think that was good enough...


Steve E. said...
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Steve E. said...

..and NOBODY drank? Wow! Sounds like God was hanging around there for a long time.

Thank you Ed for a VERY interesting and thought-provoking week (or more?) of some relevant issues of today, of RIGHT NOW!

I got to be looking forward to your daily posts.

Gratefully, in PEACE!
Steve E

Mary Christine said...

Now I am sorry I didn't go. It is unfortunate no one asked any pertinent questions. Especially about blogging and facebook.

Syd said...

Well, maybe you can put all this in an article for your area newsletter. That would be great to have it summarized for others to read. Or submit to the Grapevine perhaps. Sometimes the things that I find most fascinating are not what other people want to hear. I'm reminded of Step One a lot when that happens.