Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Any lengths...

We had our 1st major snow last night.  I was a little late this morning (~6am) getting my paper in the driveway and, as I was collecting the paper and taking my neighbor the one that is always delivered on the wrong side of the house, was musing about how I could have probably slept in as I figured my 6am sponsee wouldn't be showing up.

He usually does show up but, since it's a 30 minute drive for him and the roads were obviously sloppy, I just figured he wouldn't make it.  Made me think about how many people through the years I've known who really want to have a different life but, well, they just can't show up.

I was grousing in my head about how they told me when I got here that "...if I'd work just 1/2 as hard at staying sober as I did for a drink, that I'd surely succeed.

That's worked so far....

Anyway, before much of this revelry went on long, my sponsee pulled in less than 5 minutes late.

Turned out, "any lengths" was the theme of our time for the next hour or so.

He has a sponsee and a nephew - both of whom are early in sobriety and both of whom have seem to hit that wall of willingness that so many of us don't get through.  "It's just too hard to get to meetings without a car..."  "The people at that meeting are just a bunch of gossips|flirts|pious Patties|old cheapskates| ..." "I was going to write on my 4th step but decided I needed a night off..."

There is always a reason - a perfectly good reason - for not doing something around the program.

Sometimes, when I read chapter 5 at a meeting, I get a little cute when I read: "If you have decided you want what we have and are willing to go to any length to get it..." (BB - p. 58) and put the emphasis on ANY.  Like, would you go to ANY length?  Even just one length?

Seems some people aren't willing (or able?) to get that motivation.  They need another round or 2 in the ring with the gorilla.  They need to learn something.  They need the gracious gift of desperation.

A former sponsor of mine used to say, " doesn't do anyone any good if I'm working harder on their sobriety than they are...".

Today, I think I've gone to enough lengths.

I hope so...


Syd said...

I was asked whether I was willing to go to any length to get better. I answered Yes because I knew that was where I would finally begin a different life. Great post.

Mary Christine said...

Isn't it wonderful when we get to work with one who is willing and able?

enchantedoak said...

I've been enjoying your comments on other blogs, decided to check out yours, found a real jewel. "That gracious gift of desperation." Very meaningful to me.

Steve E. said...

I like working with others No Matter What--because I never know the outcome with their lives, or the effect on the lives of others.

MY work may be wasted some times, but God's work is never for naught.

Just sayin'

Love and PEACE to you Ed, for some terrific posts here these past few months (I can't remember back any farther --grin!)

Scott said...

"the gracious gift of desparation..." Yes, I think through desparaton we finally open ourselves to receive the Grace sufficient enough to begin recovering... nice post sir!