Saturday, May 16, 2009

Turning point(s)...

I seem to be at a place with this blog that I recognize from watching several other regular bloggers go through the same thing. I find it harder to create time in my busy life to write these blog articles. I question my purpose in this blog. I wonder if I'm committed enough to doing this that it's worthwhile to me or, more importantly, others.

For today, I think that it is worthwhile. It's a new behavior for me and it does seem to serve a purpose.

I'm one of those who's always seen the utility of keeping a personal journal. If' I'm honest, I think I can count at least 10 times in the past 25 years (probably twice that in the previous 25 years) when I've seen the utility of a journal. I was inspired to start out, set up the time, materials and motivators to do a journal, and then successfully kept it for, at best, 3 days in a row before giving up one more time.

So, getting almost 60 entries written in almost as many days seems to be a new milestone, a new personal best for me. Perhaps even miraculous... (...okay, trying hard to not get to sappy here...)

This blog has served at least some of what I had hoped a journal would do for me in terms of cataloging at least the more public of my reflections on my life. It's also, as many of you have discovered long before me and blogged about many times, a great way to do this part of the journey in a more social setting - I really enjoy reading others' blog articles much more than I enjoy writing my own contributions(?) and have come to truly appreciate many people who I may never actually meet.

All that said, I don't know if this will continue as a daily activity for me - it might, I would like it to continue much as it has been the past several weeks. I have dozens of article ideas on a list, but, I'm being nudged in other directions at the same time.

I will continue to do my principle AA work on the web (@ as I have a minimum of a year's commitment to do that. These articles on this blog (more reflections on reflections) may be a luxury that I will probably question every few months. Seems like my life is changing course slightly and I just need to ask God where I will be useful to his purposes...

I'll continue to let you know...


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Steve E. said...

Ed, I do not know to where you escaped, but I found you again on Mary Christine's (oooops!) blog.

There is something about "Taking ourselves too damn serious?" in one of the twenty-or-so AA pieces of literature on my shelf above this desk. Too tired to look for it, maybe in Dr Bob and the Good Oldtimers???