Monday, May 4, 2009

Letting God...

I finished an article on Step 3 last night and have been thinking about the nature of the surrender that I started back then and the experience of my life today.

When it was suggested in our 12th step that we "...practice these principles in all our affairs...", I was sure that my life would be more limited than I could bear. Yet, as I wrote earlier this morning, what has unfolded instead is a peace and serenity that transcends most (all?) of the circumstances that life can throw at me. It seems unfamiliar, still, to be able to show up in my life and accept the opportunities that are provided to be useful as a gift of grace and to be "comfortable" as the opportunities for practicing principles are provided daily - it's incredible - a miracle(?!).

I'm reminded of the several jokes that I've heard who's common punchline is " can't get there from here...".



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Steve E. said...

Ed, tell me again...where is that "here that you can't get there from?"--wait a minute,was that right?

I forget if we're going from here to there, or from there to here, and it reminds me of an old song: "Here, There, and Everywhere".