Sunday, April 4, 2010

What it means...

I woke up and wasn't sure what to think about this day and this Easter holiday.

I used to be a Christian and this holiday had huge significance to me in that I believed in and revered both the fact and the symbolism of a resurrection.

It seems peculiar to me that today I truly believe more in miracles and the miraculous (as expressed by a contravention of the forces of nature, space and time) than I ever have.  So having set aside my former belief in Christ's empty tomb in my own mind, my head and my heart feel both empty but I have a profound appreciation of what the Easter holiday means for those who believe.  There's a small amount of envy felt for those who hold to a faith I once professed.

Hope.  Redemption.  Love.  All great things.

So, this morning I find myself grateful for all those things in my past life as expressed through whatever means they were taught.

And, I'm profoundly grateful for men and women of all faiths and no faith who similarly teach the value of suffering, surrender, humility, faith, hope, redemption and, love.

Mary Louise this morning wrote about character.  I still fear that my character will not be strong enough to endure the circumstances that my life holds.  I might not have the self respect and the faith sufficient to this life.  I guess we never really know for sure until we get through it.

But for today, I am grateful for all the stories and symbols of rebirth and renewal.

It's not at all surprising to me that AA members of old and today borrow heavily from the Christian perspectives of Christmas and Easter.  It was much more, in my opinion, than cultural familiarity and convenience. The metaphor for what they were seeing spring up around them in their meetings and their "work" with others could best be described as true expressions of "rebirth" and "miracles."

To Carl Jung, what I see every Saturday night at my home group with more than 100 people could only be called "phenomena." (BB p. 27)

For today, I will attempt to notice, appreciate and honor the miraculous in my life and others and see what I can do to stand with the courage and convictions of those before me.  Maybe that's the best observance I can offer this Easter.

...and, also, remember to say thank you, and appreciate that this life is not all about me...


Julianne said...

A sentiment I will carry with me today. Thank you for a beautiful post.

shadowlands said...

"I'm profoundly grateful for men and women of all faiths and no faith who similarly teach the value of suffering, surrender, humility, faith, hope, redemption and, love."


Hope you have a peace filled day.

Syd said...

I felt so peaceful on this day. The meaning of rising from the dead is not lost on me. I understand as perhaps never before.

Anonymous said...

Since my program, I see things that I would categorize as miraculous far more often than would have been the case before that. I think to be able to see and experience those things, we have to be willing to believe and to be open to the possibilities. I feel like our program sensitizes us to all things being possible in a way that I had never fully accepted before. Thanks for the reminder!

Mary Christine said...

Miraculous things happening all about us. It is a good thing.

marie said...

Nice post. I am humbled by the honesty and gentleness I felt from this post. Thank you, Ed.
Many blessings,

Scott said...

miracles... they save us from ourselves, in spite of ourselves, while HP works them through those around us. It's so profound when we become aware of all of that!