Saturday, March 27, 2010


I'm sitting at our Area Assembly business meeting which is one of those things that I've observed most of us love to hate.  I've certainly have hated my share of these meetings.

But, I've grown more than I can imagine in the 20 years I've attended.  As the punchline of that old joke goes, I just can't see how I could have gotten here from there, except through this path.

I hear a lot of comments from sponsees and other members about how "...those meetings are all just AA politics..." or "...I get tired of all the fighting and controversy..."

I've certainly seen more politics and fighting than I've wanted to see.

But, I sometimes wonder how everyone (including me, when discouraged) thinks AA, as a whole (meaning, outside my home group and around the world) will grow and find its way without these conversations and corrections?

So, I feel badly that people like Mary in Africa may not ever experience a meeting like this.  I feel blessed and happy that I get to be a part of this deal that is way bigger than my little home group.

I love this deal.


Mary Christine said...

Watching the "sausage making" of AA taught me that people could disagree and life goes on, showed me that uncivilized alcoholics could master the kind of civility that could serve as shining beacons to world leaders - if they only could see.

And it taught me how to behave out in the world.

Mary LA said...

Hi Ed

I have been along to several GSO business meetings from time to time. They help counter any unrealistic idealism in me!

Ivan Toblog said...

Every other national and international organization goes through all of the same sausage making processes. I know from being a sausage maker in a very large "service" organization.
I also know that it is our home group or the local branch of the organization that keeps us coming back because that's where the rubber hits the road.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your comments about our business meetings. I've just always thought that we should probably schedule a regular meeting right after them. Seem like good preventative maintenance, at least for me!

Syd said...

I have learned to enjoy the district meetings. I suppose if I start an Alateen group that I will have to go to the state assembly meetings too.

Steve E said...

Ed, I took part in a District meeting Sunday. Only problem for me (I am a GSR) is sitting FOUR HOURS!

We had lots of business to discuss and promptly dispatch. I did not mind at ALL (I'm new), for I never EVER realized the importance, the absolute necessity of any entity above the level of group.

How WRONG I have been. I feel I have a mission (this late in life) to instruct the younger Peeps in what it took me so many years to recognize.

And if "service" on these "lower" levels: District, Area, State and National do not prove to me and others our Fellowship is inspired and guided by God (as we understand Him)...I might as well DRINK! NOT!