Thursday, March 25, 2010

Anybody there...?

Several of my most favorite bloggers have stopped doing daily blogs - at least where I know of them - and it's really all I can do not feel like I was once more "...too late to the party because all the cool people are leaving to the next cool place to hang out..."

Or, something like that.

In fact, the number of people that are showing up at this blog is growing slowly (though nowhere nearly as large as those who've left the building).  Also, I recently took a 3-week hiatus which, in part, cleared my head a little bit about what I'm doing here.  The one thing that is really clear to me is that if I really am either in competition with others, I will loose, or if I try to do anything to drive up my readership, I will lose.

As I figured out yesterday, this (as is the rest of my life) is just not about me.  My only hope and sustenance is that I can remember the biggest promise offered in the program of AA is that I can be "useful."  On a really good day, that is my intention here along with the other areas of my life.

I will miss those who've gone.  I already do.  But, as others have observed, seasons change, people come and go and I really need to just learn to deal with it.

Doesn't mean I have to like it (I don't!) - but, it was not my decision that they leave (amazingly, I wasn't even consulted! ;-) ) .  It does mean that I will get to learn and grow with it.


Or not...


Julianne said...

I get what you're saying, at least I think I do. I've only been doing this a couple of weeks, yet I feel a void and a need to adjust my sails.

Yes, I want to help another alcoholic, and as a by-product I am helping myself. I find I am more aware of what I am doing and why throughout my day, simply by participating in this part of our community.

I'm going to keep on keepin' on, for as long as my Higher Power sees fit. In the end, that is my compass.

Thank you for staying. I've enjoyed reading you.

Syd said...

Thanks Ed. I'm still going to be reading you and will stay until I feel the need to move on. It is all okay today though. I do miss those that have left but I am powerless.

garden-variety drunk said...

my sentiments exactly ed : )

Steve E said...

Ed, I too really miss those who joined the exodus...(and I can hear scoffing in the background) but it is SO true, I have learned many and much from several of these Peeps. I suspect some to return, either here or elswhere.

Thank you for staying here for now, with Syd, dAAve, and others. I really need you peeps, even though at times I sound like such an unbelievably happy, serene, Sooooo sober individual.

Life IS good, but not perfect. It has always been so. For one thing it is too short. For another, life might have another definition--change, because that is inevitable.


Anonymous said...

I pop by every day. I just don't usually comment. I have three weeks, today.

Thank you for blogging. I can't get to meetings, so rely on shares and posts such as yours.

I'm worth it, Bob said...

I'm cool.....I think. But I do read every day. Your series on sponsorship was exactly what I needed. I've been an alanon dad for 7 months and don't yet have a sponsor, With your insight, I'm looking forward to getting one soon.

Mary Christine said...

Thanks for your help through this process.

marie said...

I enjoy following your blog, Ed. I think this is just a cool way to connect with others. I truly believe God wants us all to do this life thing together, not alone. For if I am alone, I may start to believe that I am all I need and then I find myself literally back at Step 1.