Thursday, September 24, 2009


I was asked to give a guest lead on the 12th step at a meeting the other night. It wasn't my best share (I was tired) but I got through it in about 15 minutes and, before the chair could open up the meeting, Rosie called from the back of the room. She just yelled "help!".

She was drunk, belligerant, bad attitude: "AA doesn't work", "you people" this and "you people" that. It happens.

She was fairly brief. Interrupted the next few people as they tried to share and then she left the room (2-3 folks followed her out). Not all that unique in an AA meeting. I had heard of Rosie but had not seen her in a meeting and didn't notice her when I came in (come to think of it, she might have come in after I'd started).

What caused me to think about writing an article, though, was that I got 3 different phone calls yesterday about "what should I do about Rosie?" I'm really not that wise counsel in the program that people generally call. One call was from a sponsee and the other 2 were from folks who were just calling around working out what to do with "the situation".

Rosie's life is a mess and she's actively working to burn the rest of it down. Suicide slowly.

All 3 calls basically led to the same place (for me). Help if you're able and you're heart tells you to. We all see all sorts of stories. I'm not one who believes the alcoholic has to ask for help themselves. I was lucky enough to do that but I've met dozens of folks in our program who basically were intervened with or had other experiences. One of my favorites is the guy who was beat to crap, hospitalized even, by his sponsor during his last drunk. Not my style or experience, but it worked for him. The sponsor stayed sober too...

Anyway, there may be nothing less lovely than an alcoholic in their cups.

But Rosie is a loved child of a caring God. She can find him. She never has to have that pain again.

Now, if we could just find the injection that would place that sure and certain thought in her head an soul.

...if only...


Syd said...

I think about Dr. Bob and Bill going into hospitals to carry the message. There are many ways to carry the message and some are less subtle than others. I think that desperate times may call for desperate measures.

Prayer Girl said...

Oh how I wish there was such an injection. I have a loved one I would lovingly administer it to.

But, alas, no such thing exists. So - in the meantime - I WILL CONTINUE TO PRAY!

Thanks for this post,

Mary Christine said...

I got a call like that from my daughter yesterday - wondering what to do about a situation with a person in her group. It warmed my heart so to hear her agonize over such a thing.

Steve E. said...

Like a flu shot, we could receive an injection each year. Like an updated date with God?

Guess I'm old fashioned. I'll stick with the program so far untouched by federal regulation. It's called recovery in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Scott said...

I'll asy a prayer for Rosie, along with my niece "N" they are in the exact same place... I pray that they both are able to find the courage to grasp hold of God's Grace as it's offered

Scott W said...

Sometimes all we can do is pray for the alcoholic still suffering.