Monday, September 21, 2009


I've had the theme from Mad Men running through my head for most of the last 2-3 days. I'd already decided I was going to blog about it.

I love the show - it meets 2 of my criteria: it's a period piece and it is pretty much politically incorrect.

You see, I came to awareness in that time - at least the tail end of it. The first few times I flew, free cigarettes were passed out with the steak and lobster dinners. Their imaginative genius dealing with issues in the context of the day, racism, sexism, Vietnam, cigarettes - all of it seems to just sort of fit right.

But, that didn't give them the right to put their theme music in my head.

Then, I heard a piece on NPR from Andrei Codrescu today that was all about the way music infiltrates our consciousness.

Of course.


Pam said...

Until I saw something on Yahoo yesterday, I had never even heard of Mad Men. I'll have to check it out.
Enjoy your Tuesday mi amigo.

dAAve said...

I'm not familiar with Mad Men. But I do know about music sticking in my brain cell.

Mary Christine said...

I have a Mad Men avatar on facebook - but I have never seen mad men... songs are wonderful memory things. I can remember songs from 50+ years ago perfectly - every note.

Syd said...

I have to laugh because there are some crazy tunes that stuck stuck in my head at times.

Scott W said...

That's called a brainworm.