Friday, December 18, 2009


I have a saying that I doubt I invented but I really can't remember who I might have stolen it from.  As I remember, it just came out one day when one of my long-term sponsee types was whining about one thing or another in his life.  I asked him:
What exactly would you have to give up to call this moment perfect?
I don't know if he's ever thought of it again but I think of it quite often.  It just seems to be the perfect rejoinder to the constant state of malcontent that my spiritual malady seems to conjure for my head many times a day.

The truth, as best I can get to it today is that God is in charge and that God is bigger than any and all of my various challenges - real or imagined.

So, my life is about moving from one surrender to another.  The ultimate surrender in this moment is that I lay aside all my prejudice, expectations, judgments, attachments - all those things that keep me from embracing this as the most perfect of God's precious moments for me today.

And then, all that's left, is perfection.



Mary Christine said...

Right now, I am so aware of the presence, the perfection. That is not usually the case though... could you remind me of this later please?

Madison said...

What a great question.

Scott W said...

Ahh, the tug-of-war between my ego self and my God self. It's a struggle sometimes, and a worthy opponent.

Mariana Soffer said...

Very interesting post, I liked this one, here is a post I wrote where I interpret perfection as a peril that can lead you to the opposite of that:

Not so PerfectPerfect
feel that in order to be a worthwhile person, they have to perform in such and such a manner, they have to behave perfectly. In order to change these false beliefs it is recommended to encourage them to open up about their mistakes, and to help them realize that others will not condemn them for their failures. It also helps making them understand that as much as they want to be perfect, they needed to stay within the realm of what it is possible.

Syd said...

Thanks for sharing this. I can think of quite a few character defects that I could give up to make this a really good day.