Sunday, December 20, 2009

Conversations with God...

My 14 year old granddaughter and her family came to town last night and is staying with us through Christmas.  She has lived her life in Seattle so it's a treat to have her around.  Through various dramas of her family and due to the distance, we've never been close so this morning when we were alone in a car together headed to her cousin's soccer game, it was probably a unique situation in our lives.

I have grieved some  as our g'kids have gotten older in that none of them are particularly close to me.  I had so very much wanted it to be different but, well, for whatever the reasons (and I acknowledge the fault is wholly my own), I'm watching them grow up and away from me more each year.

We talked some about the weather here and in Seattle and then, well, what do you talk about next?

me: So, what do you want for Christmas?

she: (after some careful thought and reflection) That's a hard question to answer.

me: I understand - if you say something small, it's dishonest.  If you say something expensive, you come off greedy.

she: Yeah, I guess so.

me: So, I guess it's uncomfortable visiting with Santa?

she: (inserting I-pod) Yeah.

me:  I guess you could just answer "world peace" or "the Broncos do well in the playoffs" or something equally impossible.

she: (laughs a little) Yeah - I think I'll answer that next time.

We start where we start when we can.

I hope she has a happy Christmas.


dAAve said...

She's probably not a Broncos fan.

Prayer Girl said...

We do the best we can.

God bless you and her.


Mary Christine said...

A few days is a long time in the life of a 14 year old. I have very fond memories of uncles I spent very little time with as a child. It is sad how little time we get to spend with those we love and how much time we spend with those we are challenged to even like.

Steve E said...

Ed, she WILL have a happy Christmas. And you will also. With the kind of program you work, it cannot be otherwise. (I've been reading, watching, lurking!)
Love, and PEACE!