Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How it works...

On another site I "play around" with the AA program online, I started a minor s-storm by relating a recent experience at my home group.  From others' posts, I know that I'm not the only one who occasionally feels like I can get the hassles I find online in my face-to-face life so, like, why do I do this?

Anyway, as this storm was blowing around, I found it hard to post something here since my head had been pretty negative.  However, this came to mind today.  I posted similar articles in both forums...

"The AA Message" = "To show other alcoholics PRECISELY HOW WE HAVE RECOVERED is the main purpose of ..." ("this book" is how it is written in the Big Book but, I think the implication from the conversations I've had recently is that we substitute "meeting" or "relationship" or "conversation" and extend to "the whole of AA")
How that works is (no particular order):
  • meetings and other gatherings that are solution focused and have a clear sense of purpose aligned with our message (above)
  • guidance by those who have had the experience of our path to recovery (some people call these "sponsors")
  • individuals who are motivated to not drink (we don't supply that initial motivation), work a program of recovery carefully hidden in our Big Book in a chapter of the name of this post
  • in the course of that program, they clean up their past and live differently henceforth
  • as a part of that program, they learn of a way of life that includes "love and service"
  • as a result of that program, they accomplish a spiritual awakening which orients them toward living by new principles in the world and places them in service to carry "the message" (see above)
  • one of the many promises in our basic text is that, if people follow this program of recovery, they will become useful  - this is to be encouraged above all else (being useful to God and our fellows)
  • we come to appreciate and apply the principles of the steps, traditions and, concepts as AA's 3 legacies of recovery, unity and service
At least I think that's how it works...


Mary Christine said...

Yep. I think that is how it works.

Steve E. said...

Ed, this is how it was spelled out to me. The old :

"How does it work?"

"Very Fine, thank you!"

Scott said...

pretty sure that's what the first 100 and their HP intended...

trust God, clean house and help others!

Syd said...

Thanks Ed. I believe that this course will help us to live so much better, regardless of whether one is alcoholic or not.