Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I was on the phone with Philip yesterday.  He calls most every day at least once.

The previous day, he called and was distraught.  He had a plan for using some money to pay a deposit to get him moved out of the homeless shelter and that plan fell through.  He was understandably upset but he really was off on a tear. 
"... Why is it that every time things start to work out they fall apart?  Why does this sort of crap always happen to me? etc, etc, etc, etc ..."
I listened as patiently as I could and we sort of found a different way of looking at the situation and suggested what he could and could not do in his current situation.  I didn't get him talked all the way back to earth but at least he was sitting on the light pole instead of spinning in the stratosphere.  I sort of figured it might all work out OK.

It did, so our call yesterday was pleasant.

We talked some about the nature of self-pity and how that is where we always seem to go when we face a disappointment.  Boy could I relate.

Somewhere in the conversation we came up with the idea of "suckling on the self pity t----y" (I don't want Google to index it so suffice to say it rhymes with "kitty" and only has one character different).  We laughed so hard that we were a spectacle in our respective spaces: "no - it's really the s----y pity t----y"  etc. etc.

God is good.

AA works.

P.S. - I've had the Beetles' song Yellow Submarine in my head for 2 days and I'm ready for it to stop now.  Or, if I can't make it stop in my head, maybe I can plant it in yours.

Naw, I'm not that mean...


dAAve said...


Susan Deborah said...

Yellow Submarine!!!!

Hey Jude sounds better!

Joy always,

Syd said...

I like that s--y pity t---y. Hey, you can even add it to the melody for Yellow Submarine:
We all suck at a s--y pity t---y
A s--y pity t---y
A s--y pity t---y

Now that will be stuck in your head for a while too--LOL.

At least it wasn't Octopusses Garden...

Mary Christine said...

Now how am I going to sleep with all those crazy songs running through my haid?